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    Seamus Laughing


I decided to make Seamus laughing in the newest Creature Faction video an audio file because in the many years that I’ve been subbed to Seamus, I have never heard him laugh that hard in a while, and it’s fucking adorable, and I’m sure other fans of The Creatures thought it was too.

(Picture is not mine, cred to the artist)

Random Advice: The Opening Scene


I get asked a fairly constant stream of questions about writing, particularly for comics, for obvious reasons.

What I find is that a lot of the teaching methods out there focus on theory, rather than practical advice. What do I do about writer’s block? How do I make characters interesting? How…

This is so helpful I always have problems starting my stories out. I have my twist, and ending, and everything else, besides how to start it. Thank you Gail :) Im so glad I found you on Tumblr. lol

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